White Hearts

This time I had found a new french manicure stamping plate that I wanted to try out before my wedding, in case that I actually could use it on THE DAY *grin*

First I started with a base of
{OPI – Infinite Shine primer}
because I find that this actually helps to make a very smooth and shiny look when at the end. At least on my nails.

To protect my cuticle area, so I don’t have to clean it as much with nail polish remover, I used
{KASAKO Docai – Peel of Liquid}

Then I wanted to make my dark blue polish, a bit lighter. So I used the end of an embossing tool and mixed
{Sally Hansen Miracle Gel – Midnight Mod}
{Born Pretty – White}
to make a lighter blue base for my print. The difference in color in the photos is due to the camera flash. The original blue polish had the same difference depending on the light, but it’s more noticeable here.

I continued to use
{Born Pretty – White}
and printing plate
{THIAN XIN – 20}
to make the heart, slightly off-center, french manicure. On my short nails it’s almost a “half nail” print though.

To finalise the manicure, and to give it that smooth shine, I first used
{OPI – Top Coat}
and then two coats of
{OPI – Infinite Shine Top Coat}
This is because the first top coat is the only one that doesn’t smudge the Born Pretty stamping polishes, and the second top coat gives a really pretty brilliance to the manicure.

This is actually a very fast manicure to do, so it goes in the book of manicures to do when you haven’t got that much time. Very pretty too! Enjoy!


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