Glowing Swirls

Ok I think I have another addiction… I really, really like the effect of these glow-in-the dark / uv activated nail polishes! They are amazing!
I recently bought a green one to add to my collection, and this is the manicure I did to try it out!

First I started with a base of
{OPI – Infinite Shine primer}
because I find that this actually helps to make a very smooth and shiny look when at the end. At least on my nails.

Then I painted two coats of
{Laushine – Nr 5} a neon green color
just to get maximum coverage, and a deep glow effect

To protect my cuticle area, so I don’t have to clean it as much with nail polish remover, I used
{KASAKO Docai – Peel of Liquid}

I continued to use
{Born Pretty – Black}
and printing plate
{BP – L 004}
to make swirling print, because I know that the Born Pretty polish is pigmented enough that no light will penetrate the print and spoil the glowing print I’m aiming for.

To finish my manicure I used one coat of
{OPI – Top Coat}
and then one coat of
{OPI – Infinite Shine Top Coat}
This is because the first top coat is the only one that doesn’t smudge the Born Pretty stamping polishes, and the second top coat gives a really pretty brilliance to the manicure.

The glow on this final manicure is actually strong enough to be seen if you’ve been under good indoor lights for a while, and then turn them completely off. I actually noticed this going to bed the other day, and grinned a bit about it. Looks really cool! Enjoy!

PS. I’ve painted miniature figurines, and didn’t notice that I got a bit of a paint smudge on one of the nails when I took some of the photos. But that acrylic color is water soluble, so that didn’t matter much later.


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