Long time no see! I have had a slight hiatus from the blog, since I actually got married a couple of weeks ago! *grin* So it’s been a lot of things to do around that special day, but now I’m back in the blog seat again! *yay*

Even though I haven’t written here, I’ve still done quite a few manicures that I’ve got some photos off, so that I can show how to make them.

Here comes the first one, where I wanted to make daisies on a blue background. But this manicure kind off went wrong, in the regard that the blue color seemed black in any other light than direct sunlight and I wanted a kind of royal blue background for this manicure. It still is very pretty tho, so here goes:

First I used
{OPI – Infinite Shine primer}
as a base coat, because I find that this actually helps to make a very smooth and shiny look when at the end. At least on my nails.

Then I continued with actually only one coat of
{Sally Hansen Miracle Gel – Midnight Mod}

To protect my cuticle area, so I don’t have to clean it as much with nail polish remover, I used
{KASAKO Docai – Peel of Liquid}

I chose
{Born Pretty – White}
to make the print, and the printing plate I used was
{BP – 20}

For the golden centre of the flowers, I used a small embossing tool and
{Sally Hansen Miracle Gel – Game of Chromes}

To finalise the manicure, and to give it that smooth shine, I first used
{OPI – Top Coat}
and then two coats of
{OPI – Infinite Shine Top Coat}
This is because the first top coat is the only one that doesn’t smudge the Born Pretty stamping polishes, and the second top coat gives a really pretty brilliance to the

Here’s the result, enjoy! And, yeah that is both my engagement ring and my new wedding ring *grin*



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