Cats in the dark

So… about that addiction… *grin* I wanted to make a little bit spunky manicure, and I’ve got this print plate with awesome looking cats, and I thought: I’ve got this neat green glow-in-the-dark nail polish.. and as we know cats eyes glow green when you shine light on them in the dark. So why not use this perfect excuse to make another glowing manicure? *grin*

First I started with a base of
{OPI – Infinite Shine primer}
because I find that this actually helps to make a very smooth and shiny look when at the end. At least on my nails.

Then I painted two coats of
{Laushine – Nr 5} a neon green color
just to get maximum coverage, and a deep glow effect

To protect my cuticle area, so I don’t have to clean it as much with nail polish remover, I used
{KASAKO Docai – Peel of Liquid}

I continued to use
{Born Pretty – Black}
and printing plate
{BP – 59}
to make both a single cat on a couple of nails, and a whole bunch of them on the others. I also know that the Born Pretty polish is pigmented enough that no light will penetrate the print and spoil the glowing print I’m aiming for.

To finish my manicure I used one coat of
{OPI – Top Coat}
and then one coat of
{OPI – Infinite Shine Top Coat}
This is because the first top coat is the only one that doesn’t smudge the Born Pretty stamping polishes, and the second top coat gives a really pretty brilliance to the manicure.

The glow on the final manicure is actually strong enough to be seen if you’ve been under good indoor lights for a while, and then turn them completely off.
This manicure is rather funny, especially under uv light.
So this might be another party manicure, to use when going clubbing.
I also got a comment about them, from a complete stranger, while I was doing an errand in town and that usualy signifies a good manicure to me. Enjoy!


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