Ghibli test 1

Anime-fan as I am, when I saw a Studio Ghibli, Totoro stamping plate I just had to get it. How many times haven’t my sister and I watched it together? And it’s a beautiful film even without the nostalgia too.

So I started my manicure with one coat of

{OPI – Infinite Shine Base Primer}

for protection and a good base for the colors to get a grip on later.

Then I made a gradient of

{Sally Hansen Miracle Gel – Totem-ly yours}
{Sally Hansen Miracle Gel – Bare Dare}

I discovered that this wasn’t really needed, later on. Maybe if I’d made a Blue to Black background for the images, for instance, but for these colors I could have just stuck with one of them instead. Well, you live and learn! *grin* And this manicure was really educating, in many other aspects as well, as you will see!

To protect my cuticle area I used

{KASAKO Docai – Peel of Liquid}

Now for the fun! First I painted 2 coats of

{OPI – Top Coat}

to form a little square on my silicone mat. Then I took one of my brushes,

{Born Pretty – Black}
{Born Pretty – White}

and mixed them together to form a gray polish that I could use on the Totoro (means a kind of troll in Japanese, by the way) figurine on stamping plate

{HeHe – 065}

The figure I stamped on that little square of top coat, and painted in the green leaf with

{OPI – To the finish Lime}

and the tummy and eyes with

{Sally Hansen Miracle Gel – Get Mod}

I made two prints like this, and then lifted it from the mat onto my thumbs.

Then I took

{Born Pretty – Black}

and made the soot spirit-print, and that grey polish I made by mixing

{Born Pretty – Black}
{Born Pretty – White}

to print the sitting Totoro figure, all from the same stamping plate.

When I was done with the prints I used first

{OPI – Infinite Shine Top Coat}

on top of the prints, but this made the polish smudge quite alot (even though it was dry), so I switched to my regular

{OPI – Top Coat}

But I couldn’t leave the prints like that, so then I used

{Born Pretty – Black}
{Born Pretty – White}

to make the eyes on the figurines. This made them really stand out, because they turned out really crisp even though some of the prints was a bit smudgy.

So what I learned with this manicure was:

  • Make another color for the background, or use one single color
  • Use another top coat for that first square, on the silicone mat, because this one was a bit cloudy and that made the final print a bit off.
  • Paint bigger whites on the eyes, as that makes it easier to paint expressions in the eyes later.
  • Paint white bellies on the sitting Totoro as well, that ties in the other parts really well
  • Paint in the teeth on the dancing Totoro, that looks awesome! *grin*
  • Use the non-smudging top coat first, so seal everything up when you’re done.

Basically I learned a lot! *grin* But now I’ve tried this manicure a bit, and knows what works best for when my sister comes home in a couple of weeks. Then I’ll see to that she gets a great Totoro manicure! *smile*

(Both before, and after eye pupil, pictures)


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