Lace and greens

I wanted to make a lovely spring green gradient, and also have a favorite stamping plate that I thought would make a lovely couple. *smile*

So I started the manicure with a simple base coat, as usual, but this time I am going to use OPI infinite shine products, just to see if it makes the colors last even longer. The base coat I am using for this test is the

{OPI infinite shine – Base Coat (primer)}

Then I used my

{KASAKO Docai – Peel of Liquid}

so that I won’t have as much cleaning to do after the gradient sponging.

These three colors then made up my gradient using a sponge, and these three colors

{ORLY – Green with envy}
{OPI – To the finish Lime}
{ORLY – Glowstick}

with the darkest green near the cuticle, and the yellow at the tip of the nail. It’s a kind of spring time green that works really well just in it self, but I wanted to use my stamping plate this time so I continued to make the pattern using

{Born Pretty – White stamping polish}
{Born Pretty – L008 stamping plate}

To finish the manicure I sealed it with both of my top coats, just because I find that my manicures last longer that way

{Sally Hansen Miracle gel – Top Coat}
{OPI infinite shine – Top Coat}

and the infinite shine top coat really delivered I must say. The finished manicure looks a bit like eggshells because of the high glossy finish on top of that lace pattern. Gorgeous!


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