Sunflowers in the Dark

Yay! I got my pictures today! I was really amazed how this manicure turned out, so I REALLY wanted to make this post so I’d get to show the effect. Here goes!

First I made my base coat using

{OPI – Base Coat}

just to protect the nail properly, and add to the manicure strength as well ofc.

Then I made two coats of this new, and very exciting nail polish

{Laushine – Nr 7} (a warm orange color)

it is both glow in the dark, and reacts under blacklight (!).

I have a stamping plate with sunflowers on it, and I wanted to use this on top of the glowing nail polish, just because I figured that the color would be just right.

{Major Dijit – 08 stamping plate}

I used my trusty

{Born Pretty – Black stamping polish}

to make the print, and the theory was that the area that the black polish was going to cover would not react because it wouldn’t get any light source. So I was kind of hoping that because the stamping polish is so pigmented, this could work. Sometimes things actually goes exactly according to plan! *grin*

To seal the manicure I used first one coat of

{OPI – Top Coat}

and then two coats of

{Sally Hansen Miracle Gel – Top Coat}

because the glowing polish isn’t as smooth as my other polishes, and I wanted an even surface of the nail.

When I bought this nail polish I was kind of expecting that the color would just glow faintly for a short while after placing my hands under a lightbulb or so, but then I went outside and found that the color was glowing a bit in a way that I hadn’t seen before. So me and my friend got a good camera, my blacklight and had a photo shoot.

Wow! I am amazed! The glow in this bottle is stunning! And as you can see below, after hit by the blacklight the nails glow a green color even in standard indoor lighting.


A big warm thank you to my great photographer, for excellent photos even in the dark! *hugs*


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