Bamboo Forest

Since I tried out the Moyou – Asia collection 01, doing the Ancient Temple print, I have had my sights on doing this manicure. I really love how bamboo look in general, so when I saw this plate I just needed to get it, and I was so happy to see that it looked so good when I made that last print. So now it’s time to make a whole forest of bamboo, in all its glory!

First I started by painting one coat of

{OPI – Base Coat}

This time I wanted to try a small variation on the gradient technique that I’ve been using, so first I laid a color base with one coat of

{Sally Hansen Miracle Gel – Greyfitti}

Then I followed up by doing my gradient as usual, with my make up sponge, using

{Orly – Green with envy}
{Ciaté – Pepperminty}
{Sally Hansen Miracle Gel – Greyfitti}

Why I laid a base with the lightest color, Greyfitti, is because I find that the light colors need several layers to get a good coverage (when you sponge them on the nail) but the darker ones require less. Since I wanted to make a slight misty feeling in the gradient, I decided to try this variation and I really like the outcome.

After that I used

{Born Pretty – Gold Color} stamping nail polish

to make the bamboo print using

{MoYou – Asia Collection 01} stamping plate

I finished with one coat of

{OPI – Top Coat}

and then two coats of

{Sally Hansen Miracle Gel – Top Coat}

just to get that porcelain feeling. Matte top coat would also work really well with this manicure.


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